Write to heal

We might believe that the best time for creative writing is when we feel good. However, the bigger question to ask is: Why do we write?

Rather than approach creative writing as a challenge that requires our best effort, we can engage playfully in writing, even in times of emotional pain, in order to spur healing. This is not about using our writing as a temporary distraction. It’s about using our pens to dive right into the heart of our hurt – and to release it with EASE.

Have you considered how you might leverage writing to process your pain? During difficult times the goal is not to think of writing as a quest for public recognition; it simply becomes a space to ground and hold our emotional experiences.

Think of words as receptacles. They hold the energy of our thoughts, emotions and beliefs. Our pen becomes a tool for extracting and channeling “charged” words from within us. And the blank sheet of paper becomes the mirror that reflects back the deeper layers within us that want to be seen.

Over the days and weeks that follow, rereading our work gives us a chance to unravel the false beliefs that support the pain we’ve been carrying. I believe this happens because seeing the words on paper creates a sort of distance from our situation – suddenly we become neutral-ish observers who can see our inner “pieces” more clearly. The mental result is perspective and the emotional result is lightheartedness.

Whether our writing is publish-worthy isn’t the focal point when we are processing pain – and perhaps it never should be. I believe that when we let go of all expectations and anticipated outcomes – not just in writing but life in general – we invite the most incredible opportunities to come our way.

I like to approach my creative writing as a constant opportunity for inner peace. Each time I sit down to write, whether I’m in the mood to write or not, I ask myself: What words can I write in this moment to set myself free? I don’t write for the sake of writing. I write for the sake of personal freedom.

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