If you want to discover your natural expertise, the search has to start within you.

Becoming a recongized influencer or thought leader in your field means you need a specialization.

When you wear the ‘generalist’ hat, you sell your ability to solve a wide range of problems. While this isn’t a bad thing, it does dilute your impact.

On the other hand, when you’ve identified a specific niche that speaks to your soul, you know exactly where to invest your focus, energy and commitment. And you quickly become a recognized master.

Finding your signature expertise allows you to be seen and heard in the crowded marketplace. The people who need you will have an easier time finding you. And you likely won’t have to pursuade them at all because you’ve articulated their exact pains and have the exact solutions they need.

Being a generalist can be a good start to your career because it gives you the lay of the land. Eventually though, you grow tired of coming across like everyone else in your field. You struggle to describe yourself in a way that feels exciting and authentic

This all becomes super frustrating because you sense there’s something specific about you that wants to come out, but you can’t articulate it. Argh!

Here’s the reality of your situation: You have an offer to make to the world today, but success is passing you by while you mistakenly wait to acquire more years of experience and more accomplishments to claim yourself as an expert.

My question to you is, why are you still waiting? You’re already an expert now. Your clients are out there, waiting for you!  

That’s why I’m launching an exceptional training series that is going to show you how fun and simple it is to discover your natural expertise. You’ll find out how your specific ideas can change the way people think and do things.

And you’ll finally have a business proposition that feels like you, rolls off your tongue when you say it, and intrigues your audience.

This exceptional training will give you the rock-solid foundation you need to publish your ideas, develop cutting-edge courses, build a highly engaged audience, and multiply your impact on the world.

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