Destination: transition

I figured out my career path when I was five years old. I knew back then that I was destined to be an acrobat. Today, 35 years later, I’ve come full circle and now appreciate the deeper significance of that dream.

There was always something alluring about performing spectacular feats of flexibility. My inner child has always known that my higher purpose is somehow about stretching myself, not so much with the physical body (I can’t even do a cartwheel), but more so at the level of consciousness.

I live somewhere between the imagination and reality. I straddle two worlds, making frequent trips between the realms of the visible and the invisible, the spiritual and the mundane, the physical and the metaphysical.

Treading my career path feels more like a tightrope walk.  I dream of closing the gap between what currently is and what is not yet possible. How far can I stretch myself across both sides? How deeply can I reach into the spiritual realm while remaining anchored and of service to Earth?

The concept of ‘innovation’ has always intrigued me. When my daughter was born 5 years ago, I enjoyed pushing her stroller past the National Science Foundation’s new headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia. Seeing their building always sparked a wave of excitement in my heart – which completely eluded me given that I was unfamiliar with their work.

Three years later, I won a competitive innovation grant from the National Science Foundation to help me launch my startup. They gave me seed funding to design and commercialize a new piece of technology for the healthcare sector. I was ecstatic.

For six months, I poured my heart into the work and loved every second of it. I connected with brilliant minds and gurus of all kinds and felt like my career was going to s-o-a-r. I loved being around other innovators and visionaries. I loved the feeling of discovering new, unseen solutions to society’s most difficult problems. I was totally ignited by the possibility that I could create something unprecedented and game-changing for the world.

And then, out of the blue (but not really), I experienced a falling out with my business partner. I was heartbroken by the abrupt ending of the most exciting chapter of my career.

Hindsight is 20/20. Technology startup life is loaded with challenges that would have overshadowed the real joys I was seeking to experience. And really, I walked away a winner in that I had identified my fundamental joy. The whole experience was like a big fat breadcrumb on the path to success that screamed keep going!

For years, ‘outside of me’ was the only place I knew to search for direction about my career. My business failure turned out to be a gem and taught me that any direction from the outside would veer me off course. Solo, I established Conduit Insight with the intention of always hearing and honoring my voice.

I’m an acrobat and also a bridge builder. I know that dreams, ideas, and inspiration are first conceived in the invisible realm where anything is possible. Yet I am here on earth, amid a civilization that is caught up in its physical existence and stuck in the realm of finite possibilities.

World, listen up: If we build good bridges, we can import just about anything from the realm of the infinite.

The intrigue of innovation is not so much about doing something that no one has done yet. That’s just the dwarfed dream of the ego. It’s about creating the pathways that allow for innovation and genius to f-l-o-w down into the earth’s sphere, at will.

Leaders of the world, recognize that innovation does not have to be haphazard or reserved for the lucky few. It’s a matter of alignment with higher purpose. You are a Conduit, here to receive the highest forms of intelligence so that you can build great big beautiful things here on planet Earth.

My dream is to see the world’s most unlikely dreams come true. The world is my dream.

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