Daddy {poem}

Your eyes were flaming charcoals

Your hair was high expectation

Your joints were tattered blue jeans

Your hands were feasts for the poor

Your belly was a broiling oven

Your fingers were inquisitive tentacles

Your mind was a high-voltage pinball machine

Your heart was a lion protecting its cubs

Your lashes were angel wings

Your laugh was a train releasing steam

Your tears were rare crystals

Your reasoning was a roundabout with no exit

Your confidence was a threatened porcupine

Your worries were feathers disguised as weapons

Your humor was perspective on stilts

Your antics were nothing butt

Your outlook was the edge of a cliff

Your rage was Zeus’ thunderbolt

Your courage was an Olympian on steroids

Your will was a diamond cutter

Your love is an electric blanket

Your soul is unrelenting fire.

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