Intuition is your internal Q&A system. Use it!

Questions are powerful. We may not always be aware of the questions circling our consciousness, but they are always present. It’s important to recognize our internal questioner as the presence inside us that strives for a greater understanding of our current situation. It is inviting us to open a chat with our intuition.

We re-claim our personal power when we become mindful of our questions – and even more so when our questions are framed with an intention to bypass our egoic needs (in other words, desires for things we really don’t need!)

What this means is… questioning our questions before putting them ‘out there’ for a response. Why do we want to know what we want to know? Are we sticking our noses where they do not belong? It is possible to know too much.

This is primarily a timing and maturation issue. We can’t know everything at once nor would it benefit us to have an instant all-knowing experience. It would crush our personal development and undermine the rhythm of our growth process.

If unsure about the timing of a question, ask: do I really need to know this now? If so, why is now the time to know?

Our questions contain important clues about how we relate to our personal power. As we practice using our internal Q&A process, we become more self-aware and are quicker to recognize when something is ‘off’ about our questions. Here are some common traps to watch out for:

  • Victimhood e.g., Why is this happening to me?  We’re always in charge of how we feel and respond to our circumstances. Instead, ask what can be done to regain a healthier perspective and position on the problem.
  • Passive submission e.g., What should I do? It’s normal to feel overwhelmed by our own power to choose when confronted with difficult decisions. Ask questions that preserve free will and personal accountability. It’s better to ask what we need to know about a particular decision that would help us make a better choice.
  • Focusing excessively on others e.g., What is X person thinking/doing? Sometimes it helps to get insight as to how others are seeing a situation differently from us. Other times, we are snooping into others’ lives and forget that the only person we can change is ourselves. We also have to respect the personal boundaries of others.
  • Close-ended e.g., Will X happen? If you want a deeper response with a more global understanding of your challenge, ask open ended questions. Enough said!
  • Hidden false assumptions e.g., How can I get X wish fulfilled? Are we being near-sighted with our wishes? Did we build in assumptions about what we think is best for us, and then expected an answer that agrees with that assumption? If we fixate on certain outcomes, we formulate questions in a way that prevents us from seeing the bigger picture and learning whether a better path awaits us.

Doing our question homework is being aware of the tone and intention behind our queries. If we ignore this step, we are more likely to overlook the responses that are sent our way and falsely conclude that our intuition is ignoring us. This is never true. Our intuition is always ready to provide us with insight that will empower us and help us grow.

Good questions reflect our courage to see what we are currently not seeing. Here are a few ways to structure self-empowering, courageous questions:

  • What do I need to know about this situation or relationship?
  • What have I been unwilling to seeing about myself, my circumstances, or my relationships?
  • What lessons have I yet to learn from this situation or relationship?
  • What are my blind spots with this person or situation?

When we’re ready to deliver our questions to our intuition:

  1. Write down your questions to ground the energy of your will.
  2. Review your questions for common traps.
  3. Imagine your questions being delivered to a higher being of your choice. Hit the imaginary ‘send’ button and trust that your question was received.
  4. Remain aware of how your ego might interpret and distort any messages you receive.
  5. Over the next few days or weeks, tune in. Pay attention to dreams as well as signs and synchronicities in your waking life. Meditate. Don’t overthink the messages that come your way. Record what you get and thank your higher beings for sending information your way.

Repeat the Q&A as necessary. The dialogue is always ongoing!

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