Hey, I’m Bianca!

In 2018, I received a prestigious innovation grant from the U.S. National Science Foundation. My vision was to build a technology that would allow experts to package and deliver their unique expertise to a targeted audience. I wanted to give unknown experts the chance to be known for their brilliant ideas and to connect with the people who needed their solutions.

But several things went wrong during this grant, including a failed business partnership, which brought my venture to a sudden end.

Although I had come very close to claiming my specialization, it was still so out of reach.

The fact of the matter is that I couldn’t completely own my expertise until I let go of the layers of me that weren’t me. That shedding allowed my true nature emerge and I was able to infuse my idea with the love, creativity and enthusiasm that it needed to fully come alive.

That’s why I’m coming through for you today. I spent years feeling lost, confused, and insignificant. I knew I had a lot to give but struggled mightily to convey my value to the world. However, within my struggle I figured out an incredibly powerful way to help you get directly to your expertise so you can start feeling impactful now.

Likely, your niche has already been presented to you as ‘hints’, as it did for me.  (Did you know that the name of my technological platform was going to be HINT?).

But you need a training that will help you remove the clutter that’s obscuring your vision. Without this training, you’ll waste more time and energy going down paths that don’t align with you. You need a training that will guide your attention to the meaningful clues and patterns about your life that will reveal more of who you really are and define your natural expertise.

Whether you’re an individual or a corporation, I can help you rise up and have the impact you want on the world.

Career highlights

  • Expert contributor for Fast Company Magazine
  • 10+ years researching and teaching about personal and organizational transformation
  • 2018 winner of a competitive government innovation grant from the National Science Foundation
  • A Ph.d in public affairs, a master’s degree in industrial-organizational psychology, and a bachelor’s degree in psychology